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Exclusive first look of Dunlop’s New 2014 Tennis Range

Dunlop will later this year be launching a new range of tennis rackets to accompany their 2013 Biomimetic range and RacketCentre.com has had an exclusive first look of the designs before the launch date.

The new rackets will follow the Dunlop 2013 ‘Swing Style Guide’ with each racket being grouped in the F.Series (Full/Fast swing speeds), M.Series (Medium/Moderate swing speeds) or the S.Series (Short/Slow swing speeds). Each frame as per 2013 will feature the unique Biomimetic technologies, designed to give the player maximum power.

The throat of each racket is constructed using Dunlop’s BioFibre, a combination of carbon graphite and natural plant stem fibres. These work together offering a reduced shock on ball impact for greater feel and control. Dunlop’s unique Aeroskin is located at key points on the outside of the frame. During a racket swing, the Aeroskin offers an aerodynamic drag reduction, that allows for a faster swing speed and more power. Each racket is designed with Dunlop’s MoS2 Grommets which provide a microscopic lubricant that increases grommet durability and reduces string friction. This system allows for more string movement, delivering enhanced Power and Spin.

The new cosmetic designs are sharper than ever, with crisp colours that are sure to make the player stand out from the crowd.

We managed to take a few photos as you can see, but it won’t be long until we can get the rackets to test on court and when we do, you will be the first to know!

Look out for early Pre-sale opportunities to reserve your new Dunlop 2014 rackets.

Have a look at the new rackets here:- 2014 Dunlop Tennis Range

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